Quick! What Can You Do with a QR Code?

You may know that QR stands for “quick response” and that’s exactly what the blocky designs initiate. You see QR codes everywhere these days, right? Do you have a QR scanner on your phone? If you don’t, you can easily get one in less than 5 minutes AND for free!

QR code for mobile site help

QR codes can be posted on postcards, table tents, menus, food packaging, signs… The applications are endless.

There are thousands of uses for QR codes. Scan one with your phone and it may take you to a web site, maybe offer a special coupon, just share information like a vcard or instructions. Some offer to save the date on your phone–perfect for promoting events! They’re ideal on food and drink labels for recipes or grower information, on the backs of business cards to get people to your mobile site, on posters and signs, on postcards… The list goes on and on.

According to the DMA, the mobile phone will be the world’s primary internet connection tool in just 8 years. That means we’re going to see a lot more QR codes. If you’re a small business, you may just want to start using these little squares to connect people to your business.

As marketing experts, we at AlphaGraphics Providence and Waltham are always on the lookout to suggest ways for our customers to reach their targets, and we’re just as likely to use new technology for our own purposes. One way we’re using QR codes in our location in Providence is to help us streamline our walk-in customer service. We’re located in the Financial District of downtown Providence, and it’s a busy place with a lot of foot traffic. We’re right next to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as well as Johnson and Wales University and the Brown University campus. We do a LOT of business with the local students, and we have found that we often give the same instructions about the same things to hundreds of people.

“If we could share the critical steps to setting up files with crops and bleeds properly,” we said many times in meetings, “it would save the students money and it would save us having to explain how to go through the same steps over and over again.”

Danielle QR code at Counter AlphaGraphics

Need to convey the same information multiple times a day? We’re using QR codes to help students with document layout tips. A quick scan and they can read instructions on their mobile phones.

So that’s what we did. We now have QR codes posted in our lobby to help students with step-by-step instructions about setting up bleeds and crop marks in their documents. They just scan a code with their phone and read the how-to on our mobile web site. It’s easy once you know how to do it. Crop marks, bleeds AND QR codes. They’re all easy once you know how to apply them. Once you’ve used them once or twice, it will seem like old hat.

I bet there are a lot of things your small business could share in just the time it takes for someone to scan a QR code. If you start to think about it, it seems like there are so many ways you can use QR and mobile to reach your audience. It’s not expensive, and it hardly took any time at all, it was so quick!


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