Brochure Folds You May or May Not Know

Brochure Printing and Binding

Almost every business has a brochure of some kind. It’s THE classic marketing piece. A big part of our business at AlphaGraphics is brochure printing and binding, and just like other businesses have their technical terms, we geek out over brochure folds.

So Much More Than a Flyer
Every brochure begins its life as a flat sheet of paper. While flyers are useful, they’re so… so… one dimensional. When the magic really starts to happen is when you can call your marketing piece a brochure. And although there’s a big difference between the two, all that separates a flyer from a brochure is one thing: a fold.

Types of Brochure Folds
There’s a rolling fold, accordion fold, z-fold, tri-fold, gate fold… There are many types of folds, some of which you see all of the time, many of which are familiar. Probably none is as ubiquitous as the classic tri fold brochure. Sometimes you just need one more brochure panel though, just a little more space for your brochure to convey its message. Well, the good news is that you’re not relegated to a tri-fold if what you really need is a double gate fold.

The best way to see what kinds of brochure folding methods there are is to look at diagrams. The following diagrams represent many of the types of brochures we print and fold all the time at AlphaGraphics in Providence and our location in the Boston Metro West area: Waltham, Massachusetts.

Half Fold brochure

Tri Fold Brouchre
Z fold brochure

4 panel roll fold

double parallel fold

accordion foldgate folddouble gate fold
right angle quarter fold

Brochure Sizes
Although there are some brochure “standards” that relate to paper sizes: 8.5×11 or 11×17, brochures truly can be any size. The only limitation is your imagination. Your brochure can be tiny or it can be huge. All of our printing is custom, and you can choose to design your brochure to be any size you want. Some sizes require special setups, so usually standard sizes are the most cost effective. But if you do want a special size, you might find it’s not cost-prohibitive to get exactly what you want. In any case, it’s always better to have options, and when you work with AlphaGraphics, that’s exactly what you’ll have.

At Your Service
After looking over the brochure folds here, give us a call at AlphaGraphics Providence, 401.351.4000 to discuss your brochure project and get a quote. Our friendly and helpful staff will get your work done as quickly as you need. Or call us at 781.642.1100 if you’re Boston Metro West area because we’re located right in Waltham, MA. We can help you with graphic design, choosing the best paper stock for your job, direct mailing your brochure, and lots of other business printing and marketing services.


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